Unmasking The Hidden Gems: The Best Sci-Fi on Netflix That You Can’t Afford To Miss


The realm of science fiction is endlessly fascinating, bringing to life alternate realities and futuristic landscapes that continue to captivate audiences worldwide. Netflix, a streaming giant, has consistently hosted a variety of high-end science fiction that caters to every fan’s tastes. This comprehensive guide uncovers the best this genre offers on Netflix, ranking from timeless classics to groundbreaking new releases.

Unraveling The Classics: Tried and Tested Sci-Fi Brilliance

One can’t set foot in the universe of sci-fi without acknowledging the classics that have paved the way for other narratives. These are the franctures that have stood the test of time with their distinct storylines, creative concepts, and compelling characters.

  1. Star Trek

    From the original series to the sequels and spin-offs, Star Trek continues to be a space exploration saga that keeps pushing boundaries. It perfectly encapsulates the essence of sci-fi and remains a must-watch for all genre enthusiasts.

  2. Outer Limits

    Outer Limits expands the horizon of sci-fi with its anthology-based storytelling, each episode brought to life by a cast of characters facing peculiar and compelling sci-fi scenarios.

Adventurous New-Age Narratives: Fresh Perspectives in Sci-Fi

The new generation of sci-fi continues to breathe fresh air into the genre with shows that bring forth innovative themes and ideas. They offer unique, contemporary takes, making them hot contenders on Netflix’s science fiction playlist.

  1. Stranger Things

    Pushing beyond the conventional, Stranger Things offers a mix of horror, supernatural, and sci-fi elements blending seamlessly with a coming-of-age tale. Its allure lies in its intriguing plot, a charming cast, and an aesthetic that harks back to the 80s.

  2. The OA

    Defying traditional sci-fi storytelling, The OA is an imaginative narrative marked by extraordinary characters and complex plotlines. Its blend of mystery and sci-fi elements make it an interesting watch.

Weaving in Dystopian Threads: Sci-Fi Blended with Dark Realities

Sci-fi shows on Netflix are not confined to space and the future. Many of them successfully blend bleak, dystopian realities into their narratives, making them hard-hitting and thought-provoking.

  1. Black Mirror

    Black Mirror ventures into the "what ifs," becoming a compelling watch in the process. Its dark take on digitization and technological advancements sets it apart from its counterparts.

  2. Altered Carbon

    Altered Carbon places itself in a world where consciousness can be passed on to different bodies, bringing forth questions about ethics, morality, and the essence of humanity.

Exploring the Final Frontier: Sci-Fi Documentaries

The realm of science fiction isn’t just reserved for fictional narratives. Several engrossing documentaries on Netflix explore the depths of outer space and the mysteries of our universe.

  1. Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking

    This gripping documentary explores the mysteries of our universe that have been revealed through the brilliance of Stephen Hawking’s research.

  2. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

    This awe-inspiring documentary dives deep into the realities of space and time, exploring the vastness of our universe and the marvels it houses.


The genre of science fiction is malleable and expansive, traversing the realms of space, time, technology, and alternate realities. Netflix provides a diverse range of sci-fi narratives that enthrall viewers with their intricate storytelling, compelling characters, and extraordinary plotlines. Each show plays a part in expanding the scope of the genre, making it a sought-after category on the streaming platform. Regardless of their preferred sci-fi flavor, every follower of this genre is bound to find a series that resonally personally and satisfy their thirst for interstellar adventure, theoretical exploration or dystopian reality.

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